So you're planning a trip to Amazing Anambas, but you can't really find a lot of information online about how to get there or where to stay once you've arrived there. This is one of the flip-sides of exploring new corners of the earth, areas that have remained under the tourism radar.

Happiness is.... lazy days in Anambas
Happiness is.... lazy days in Anambas

Being one of the first to discover our hidden paradise islands, it will take a little bit of research. In fact, some trip components may not be settled until you've actually set foot on Anambas. So yes, a bit of homework to do.

But it will all be very much worth it.

Incidentally, if you'd like a few pointers on which hotel would be suitable, a couple of resort suggestions perhaps, just let us know in the form below. We'll get back to you with few tips a-sap.
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